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Series Editor: JM. ALEXANDER, formerly Professor of Applied Mechanics, Imperia1 College of Science and Technology, University of London, and Stocker Visiting Professor of Engineering and Technology, Ohio University, Athens, USA


Head of Applied Mechanics Institute, Technical University of Poznan, Poland
Translation Editor: Dr S. HADDAD, Consulting Professor, Electrical Engineering Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, USA

Vibration condition monitoring is a relatively new area of technology. This informative text opens with an outline of its origins and presents possible applications of the technique, showing the role of vibration diagnostics and vibration condition monitoring (VCM) during the machine cunning stage.

The author provides a rationale for using vibration, noise, gas pulsation and acoustic emission (commonly known as VA-Vibroacoustical-process), describing and analysing all the possible sources of progressive wear and fatigue in machines producing a tribo-vibroacoustical model which provides guidelines for optimizing meantime between failure at the machine running stage.

Whether to use VA for diagnostic observation looked at form a quantitative viewpoint of the basis of information theory. The application of special analysis in VCM, and the application of special point measures like and functional measures such as cepstrum, are explained in depth.

Professor Cempel provides examples of ways in which VCM an be used in industry - particularly in high power fans, diesel engines, textile machinery and electric motors. The final part of the book covers methods and examples of fault discrimination in passive diagnostic expeiments, and outlines some techniques for condition recognition, and reviews new techniques for adaptive and diagnostic signal filtration.


  1. Introduction.
  2. Generation of VA Phenomena and Wear Processes.
  3. Failure Oriented Process Signals and Measures of VA Phenomena.
  4. Diagnostic Inference.
  5. Examples of the Implementation of Diagnostics in Industry.
  6. Advanced Problems of VA Diagnostics.
  7. Appendix.


228 pages
cloth, 0-13-931718-X
published October 1991

Simon & Schuster International Group
Market Cross House Cooper Street, Chichester, W. Sussex PO19 1EB


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