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H.G. NATKE, University of Hannover, Germany,
C. CEMPEL, Technical University Poznan, Poland

Model-Aided Diagnosis of Mechanical Systems

Fundamentals, Detection, Localization, Assessment

1997. XIII, 248 pp. 83 figs. Hardcover DM 168,- ISBN 3-540-61065-0

   Diagnosis of technical systems is important, concerning safety and economics. Monitoring and diagnosis, especially in remote control systems, needs holistic models, as described here. This book describes the fundamentals for technical diagnosis as well as state-of art tools. Model-based diagnosis and knowledge based diagnosis, fundamentals in decision-making and assessment are included. The foundation of diagnosis for applications is given. The book is written for the expert practising engineer in research and industrial applications.

Introduction Review on tools of diagnosis - Damage, faults and their descriptions - Symptoms - Damage initiation and evolution in operating systems Fault-related processes: Monitoring, measurements, processing of signals Model-supported diagnostics via parameter estimation - The general procedure - Model adjustment-preparations - Model adjustment-methods - Algorithms - Practical hints - Use of the knowledge base for diagnosis Decision, assessment and system modification procedures Examples - An academic example: FE-model of a satellite - Application in mechanical engineering - Application in civil engineering: Norderelb-Bridge


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